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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

POETRY: Some say love...


Assalamualaikum and Hi !

Some say love, it is a river,
That drowns the tender reed

Some say love, it is a razor,
That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need

She says love, it is a flower,
And he, its only seed

But I say love, it is a power,
that lightens your soul and mind to His Creed.

p/s: Originally by: Bette Midler (The Rose). Yet, I change a little bit . Thank you very much

Iqbal Rosly

Friday, 31 July 2015

POETRY: The Destruction


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone

The Destruction

A son of Adam sits down under a shady tree,sometimes becomes green and sometimes becomes gold
Looking at the blue vast sky while pondering, " This world is getting old "
Day by day, my people act like they never been told
Come down like wolves on the fold

My people; the becoming "Gods and Goddesses", are so bold !
They come into The Fold
Pretending their words are full of gold
Slaughtering people's souls with their Hands of Cold

Have they ever been told?
Those darkest deeds they tightly hold
make their dignity and pride been sold

Have they ever been told?
The Guardians are ready to cast they off from this Wold
So, be humble and merciful to the men of mold
Before the Devils beam and whisper to our ears, "Is it pretty, dear dirty Mold"

Iqbal Rosly

Thursday, 4 June 2015

POETRY: Weary Traveler


Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone !

Weary Traveler 

I walked through this desert
a place of dryness, sadness, depression
and a place of enjoyment
I did not choose to be here
Yet, life had a way of taking me here

I tried not to enjoy the oasis of this desert
and I have no more desire to linger here
or to revel in its desolation
Lest I would be seduced to stay longer
And be buried in this golden sand

Reminiscing my old time,
People threw black-brownish mud on my face
That was a big disgrace
I quickened my pace
To escape from this horrible and unpredictable place
and little by little
I lost to grab His Embrace

People stared to change
and became estranged
Would You save me from this raging-cage?
On the morrow, perhaps
He would leave me as my hope had flown before
Yet, He said, 'Nevermore...'

Iqbal Rosly

POETRY: Now, I realize


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone !

Now, I realize

Tick tock, tick tock went the clock
The old grandfather clock bong all over the corners of folk's home
I stared morosely at my reflection in this tarnished mirror
These rosy cheeks had become sunken and angular
These eyes once bright filled with dread
These plump lips had become tight-lipped mouth
Over the years, what I had done to my people
(I was scared of death)

Now, I realize
In this journey, full of unconscious hollow
In this journey, sometimes, sometimes full of sorrow
In this journey, I would try to beautify this barren grass of meadow
in the evening winter
for tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow
if I were a rainbow
(I was scared of death)

Now, I realize
People said, before we die
all memories would flash in our mind

Iqbal Rosly

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sealed Lips


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone! 

Just want to share my short story. Baca dengan penuh penghayatan tau? Gituuuh!

As Sarah ran at full speed, the hot wind brushed her sunken and scrawny cheeks and playfully messed up her hair.  Her eyes narrowed at the wind and from the corner of her eyes, she could see weird trees, blazing fire and people passing by at a blinding speed. Escaping from this horrible place were non-stop missions. There were no other ways to escape. Every inch of this place was surrounded by thousands of guardians. They were strong, tough and rough.

It was a sorrowful day. Puff of black clouds lazed about in the vast red sky while hawks could be heard screeching from a distance. She shifted her eyes towards the sky and yelled, “Get me out of here!” But, no one answered her. Two days in here felt like ten thousand years. She sighed wondering when she could get out.

‘Roaring-raging beast’ as the name of this place was bestowed by the Landlord. This place was held-down by seventy thousand chains and seventy thousand powerful guardians were holding each chain. They had no remorse and desensitized to all types of horror.

As she yelled begging for mercy to the sky, she felt the presence of another being, something furious and ominous. Out of a sudden, one of the guardians shouted at her, deafening the entire place. Her body trembled with shock. He stared at her. His eyes were full of rage. Without hesitation, he pulled her hair and dragged her mercilessly along the hot tarred ground. It was very painful, prickling her face and body like thousands of hot and sharp needles against her skin. She asked herself, “Am I going to the same place, again?”

The smell of freshly roasted flesh lingered in the air and she caught a whiff of melted copper coming from a huge cauldron. The cauldron huffed and puffed, drawing rings of black smoke.  Blood, flesh, lifeless body were everywhere. Many people were lying in the pool of blood. Screaming, shouting, crying, begging and cursing conquered the entire place. Silence would never step in here. Those sounds filled her with dread.

“Take this! This will be your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner!” yelled the guardian to her with rough voice and pushed her. Again, unappetizing and horrible fruit. The  fruit came from The Cursed Tree; thorny plant with a bitter taste, vile smell and like a head of a devil. That was the only food existed here. Nothing else. The guardian vigorously forced her to eat the fruit until her stomach full. If not, severe pain would face her. Once she swallowed the fruit, she could feel scalding and bitter juice flowing through her organs and blistering her whole body. She cried and screamed begging to stop this torment. But, it was hopeless.

“I am thirsty. Please give some water. A drop of water is enough”, she begged from every guardian there. Unfortunately, the familiar staring, full of rage met her eyes again. She was completely shocked by his staring. “Drink that water!” he shouted while pointing his finger towards a river; flowing yellowish-white fluid. She quickened her pace towards the river bank, however, she was greeted by foul smell, like vomit. It was a river full of yellowish-white fluid thick and sticky. Her face portrayed despairing but gathering all her courage, she drank the fluid.

One day passed. She met the leader of all the guardians and asked him to end her life, but it was worthless. He simply said, “Did any Warner come to you? Now, stay here, forever!” She became confused, “What was wrong with me? Why didn’t they kill me right away? I couldn’t take this anymore. And what did he actually mean by Warner?” These questions kept haunting her mind.

The thoughts kept coming. She had a big decision to make that would change her life forever. Once she made it, there would be no turning back. She really wanted to get rid of all these pain. The last resort was to meet the owner of this entire place, the Landlord, at the hill. The path up the hill was pretty steep. She ran up as fast as her weak legs could carry her and ended up panting heavily as she reached the top. She met the Landlord and asked to stop torturing her and to end her life, right away. However, the Landlord said, “You had been misguided by the devils and they had let astray many of you? Could you not realize it? Could you not understand this? As I promised to you, this is the place, the Hell Fire! Stay here forever and don’t talk to me, forever!”

Her vision was blurred with watery fluid. With her face buried into her palms, she cried and her lips were sealed.

p/s: Semester ini aku ambil subject Poetry, so ni salah satu hasil kerjaku.

Bersama PEERS Family CFS IIUM

Iqbal Rosly

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Basic Research Methods & Report Writing GHM 2113 (BMW)


Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone...

              Can you see The Beautification of Research Writing? Hahaha, ayat ni selalu lecturer aku ungkapkan dalam kelas. Honestly, I love this sucject! Sebabnya.. Hmmm, susah nak diungkapkan dengan kata-kata. Ramai kawan-kawan aku kata, " Gilalah kau boleh minat BMW!", "Susah doe BMW!", "I hate BMW!". Actually, subject ni memang agak boring la sebab kena baca research paper (atau lebih dikenali sebagai Journal Articles gituuh) yang bertimbung-timbun kat online database, kena paraphrasing la, summarizing la. Alaa, macam buat thesis PhD  gituh tapi level kepayahan, kesusahan untuk memerah otak sekuat-kuatnya tu rendah sikit la. Sikit ok, tuu pun dah sampai mengigau-ngigau BMW dalam mimpi setiap hari. Hahaha! Gurau jer.. Sakit otak la, ada  lah juga sometimes urat-urat biru dalam badan terputus then bersambung balik tapi tak sampai mati pun. Just kidding!

              Well, kalau kita belajar wholeheartedly Illahi Ta'ala untuk subject ni or subject-subject yang lain pun, Insya Allah, tak boring and kita akan rasa nak buat bersungguh-sungguh. Betul ni. Aku tak tipu pun. Subject ni memerlukan komitmen dari diri korang juga and always stay positive.Now I can see The Beautification of Research Writing! Here, aku kongsikan hasil-hasil kerjaku and rakan-rakan seperjuangan sebagai rujukan korang semua especially budak CFS IIUM/ UIAM.

1. Literature Review. Alhamdulillah dapat 19.5/20

2. Presentation- Correlational Research (7/10 marks)
*Point OK dah , tapi Kurang explanation time present.
*Suppose to be dalam Power Point, tapi aku convert into PDF .

3. Take Home Quiz (THQ)
Kitaorang kena construct Research questions, Problem statements and Hypotheses; directional & non-directional. Masa diberi: 24 jam sahaja!!!
Yang ni Group aku punya... Yang merah-merah tu, kesilapan kitaorang. Pandai-pandai korang betulkan ek.
(14.5/20 marks)

Ihsan dari Group Nadrah punya... (16/20 marks)
*Thank you very much Nadrah and the Gang sebab bagi permission upload THQ korang! :)

            Tu je nak bagi korang. Minta maaf kalau ada salah silap. Btw, semua yang aku shared ni adalah sebagai rujukan korang. Ada salah tu, pandai-pandailah korang perbaiki and betul-betulkan ek.. Aku tak bertanggungjawab if korang dapat low mark. Hee.. Kidding! Insya Allah, boleh full mark punya if korang teliti laa..

p/s: Kalau korang ada sebarang pertanyaan, boleh PM FB aku or email.

cc: Pdf into blog
      Pdf into blog 2

Iqbal Rosly

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ditipu - Scam


              Assalamualaikum ..... 
              Khas buat junior-junior yang baru menyambungkan pelajaran di ibu kota, KL.


                    Pada bulan Oktober 2013, aku dengan kawan-kawan aku pergi outing ke Masjid Jamek. Nak gunting rambut katanya. Hahahah!

Then, bila kitaorang tengah jalan-jalan, kitaorang diterjah 2 orang mamat 'CELCOM- celup' katanya. Diorang tengah mempromosikan SIM apa tah. Aku lupa. Aku buat dunno je kat diorang, tapi diorang tahan kitaorang juga. Hmmmm.... Mesti ada something ni...

"SIM CARD free?? "
" Bagi IC??? "
Haishh, pelik + curious ! Bila dah diasak bertalu-bertalu, akhirnya kitaorang mengalah juga. Tiba-tiba, jadi BLUR and terus bagi IC kat orang tak dikenali. Macam kena pukau tau tak and terus jadi bodoh. Hahahahaha! Takde la, aku main-main je. No pukau-pukau lah!

         Lepas kitaorang bagi IC kat 2 orang mamat nih, kitaorang kena isi satu borang. Kena tulis NAMA, IC, EMAIL ADDRESS and NAMA IBU. Nama ibu, what for? Curious, sumpah aku curious nih. Nak ambil balik IC, tak leh dah. Diorang dah siapkan print, kau tahu! Aku pun isi jer lah, tapi email address and nama ibu, aku tulis benda lain. Nama ibu tu, aku main hengtam je nama perempuan yang ada dalam kepala otak aku.

         Bila dah settle semua benda alah tu, kitaorang pun teruskan perjalanan  and  dalam kepala otak aku ni, boleh rasa urat biru dan merah terputus ( Jadi biul lah ). Macam something jer. Aku pun, buang terus SIM CARD harem jadaz tuh! 
          Tapi nasi sudah menjadi bubur, malang tidak berbau, cewwwah, 2 bulan selepas kejadian...


 AKU DIMINTA MENJELASKAN HUTANG RM 467  KOT!!! Sumpah, terkejut and rasa nak menangis, meraung-raung atas lantai. Hahahaha! Then, payment bill pun sampai, aku check-check bill tu, ada orang guna no SIM tu. Pelik, dah buang tapi ada orang guna... Haishh... Member aku yang lain pun begitu , kena bayar juga, tapi harga berbeza-beza. Aku terus terdiam....


                 Lepas kena tipu dengan manusia 2 ALAM tu ( Alam Jin + Alam Manusia), aku jumpa lagi sepupu sepapat diorang kat Terminal Monorel KL Sentral. Ramai juga ek anak beranak korang! Aku nak gelarkan sepupu diorang ini dengan panggilan apa ek, hurmm, OK-lah-  Geletak. 2 kali kot aku jumpa diorang ni, 2 jate dengan 2 tino. First, Bulan Februari hari tu and Second, lepas cuti mid-sem ( Bulan March), time nak balik asrama kat PJ.

                Time nak balik asrama lah, moment yang aku  NAK terajang diorang tu. Entah kenapa berasap kepala aku time tu. Mana tak nya, dah lah kena tipu, and then, kena bayar beratus-ratus! Kasihan aku! Trauma kot ! Waktu tu, aku, Fikri and Syamira tengah berjalan nak ke stesen bas untuk balik asrama. Then, sorang TINO-bertudung ala-ala chikaro terjah kitaorang.

"Ambillah, dik. Free je ni", TINO tu.
"No, thanks" dengan tegasnya kitaorang kata.

"Free je ni, takpe ambil je..."tak henti-henti TINO tu.
Lepas tu, " TAKPELAH KAK, SAYA DAH PERNAH KENA TIPU DENGAN BENDA NI", Syamira jawab kat perempuan tu dengan nada lembut tapi sinis.

Tiba-tiba, meroyan TINO tu." TIPU ?? APA YANG TIPU-TIPUNYA !!! CUBA CITER SIKIT ! HEK ELEH !!! "

              Hah, meroyan TINO tu, uollls !!! Aku pun, menyirap dengar TINO tu cakap gituh, terus aku sound dia. "Blah-lah !!!" Rasa nak pelempang jer tau tak, tapi perempuan kot...  Then, kitaorang terus je jalan dengan cepat. Takut-takut, TINO tu bawa geng-geng dia dengan parang. Bahahahahahaha!

             Baru aku tahu, rupa-rupanya, Syamira pun mengalami masalah macam kitaorang juga. Hmmm, no wonderlah, dia berani cakap begitu. Thumbs up!

                    Pengajaran daripada apa yang berlaku,

1. Jangan mudah percaya dengan orang yang tak dikenali.

2. Jangan cepat bagi IC kat diorang. Cakap je, IC tak bawak ke, hilang ke, bukan warganegara Malaysia ke.

3. Berlakon konon-konon bisu ke, pekak ke or berlakon tak faham Bahasa Melayu.

4. Tengok diorang pakai tak uniform or name card yang DISAHKAN !!! Tapi ada je yang pakai uniform serba lengkap. Ala, benda tu boleh tempah.

5. Kalau nampak muka-muka promoters-celup ni, buat-buat bercakap dengan handphone or SELFIE!

6. Kalau diorang dah tahan korang, cakap je, nak pergi tandas ke, nak berak ke, nak kejar masa ke.

7. If diorang tahan lagi, jangan bagi IC dulu. Suruh diorang terangkan PROMOTION diorang tu dengan jelas, tidak cakap laju-laju and korang dengar je. Then, ajukan soalan-soalan yang critical thinking untuk diorang. Be wicked sikit! Alah, cakap je, ' Parents saya kerja/ Saya bekerja dengan  CELCOM, MAXIS or what ever, takde pun benda-benda camni!' Creative sikit!

8. Bila berjalan sorang tu, sentiasa berwaspada lah  and brutal sikit. Lagi senang kerja diorang kalau sendirian, samada lelaki or perempuan.

9. If berjalan beramai-ramai, lagi diorang suka. Ramai mangsa diorang! So, ingatkan diri masing-masing.

10. Target diorang adalah STUDENTS. So beware !

11. Perhaps, diorang kata diorang ejen CELCOM, MAXIS or what so ever. So, jangan mudah percaya. 50/50 lah.

12. Kalau dah terkena perangkap diorang ( Dah siap bagi IC and signature), cepat-cepat call CELCOM, or other agencies to TERMINATE THE REGISTERED ACCOUNT supaya bill tak masuk.


Warkah buat mu, Wahai Hamba-hamba Allah Promoters-Celup sekalian,

1. Kasihanlah kat kitaorang ni, budak-budak baru belajar kenal dunia ni. 

2. Aku tak kisahlah korang ni berdaftar ke or tak sekalipun, tapi janganlah TIPU. Kata, free lah and then, tiba-tiba minta IC. Memanglah, free- for registration only. Tapi, nak menghadap bill beratus-ratus tu, korang mampu ke?Korang ingat duit ni, cop dengan  kepala lutut mak korang ke? ! 

3. Mana procedure and etika mempromosi barang korang?? Tiba-tiba tahan and halang orang tengah berjalan. 

4. Foreigners, Mat Saleh or Mamat Negro takde pula korang tahan ek. Tahu pula, kena cakap English dengan diorang. 

5. Memang salah kitaorang pun sebab senang-senang percaya korang, tapi ingatlah, buatlah satu hari nanti, anak-beranak cucu cicit korang kena macam ni juga. Kita tak tahu... 

6. Tak kasihan ke kat diri korang? Ramai orang yang teraniaya memaki-hamun korang. 

7. Tak terfikir ke, mangsa-mangsa korang tu, anak orang susah yang memerlukan duit ke, tak terfikir ke? 

8. Tak terfikir ke cara ni halal or haram?

                                                          Kini, aku terjah semula !

Thanks, Zul. Btw, amboi Kak, seluar askar. Baru balik dari Kem Wataniah?

Diorang tengah print IC budak-budak ni. Kasihan..

  • p/s: Entry ni just bagi peringatan kat semua orang. Tiada niat nak memalukan or mengaibkan sesiapa pun. Aku minta maaf banyak-banyak kepada sesiapa yang terasa. By the way, Aku dah pun buat laporan polis, laporan SKMM. Apa yang berlaku ni, atas ketentuan Allah. Muhasabah diri kita.  Berdoalah kepada Allah supaya dijauhi daripada tipu daya manusia, dunia dan syaitan. Kerana, Allah sebaik-baik Pemelihara.

Iqbal Rosly
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