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Thursday, 4 June 2015

POETRY: Weary Traveler


Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone !

Weary Traveler 

I walked through this desert
a place of dryness, sadness, depression
and a place of enjoyment
I did not choose to be here
Yet, life had a way of taking me here

I tried not to enjoy the oasis of this desert
and I have no more desire to linger here
or to revel in its desolation
Lest I would be seduced to stay longer
And be buried in this golden sand

Reminiscing my old time,
People threw black-brownish mud on my face
That was a big disgrace
I quickened my pace
To escape from this horrible and unpredictable place
and little by little
I lost to grab His Embrace

People stared to change
and became estranged
Would You save me from this raging-cage?
On the morrow, perhaps
He would leave me as my hope had flown before
Yet, He said, 'Nevermore...'

Iqbal Rosly

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