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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sealed Lips


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone! 

Just want to share my short story. Baca dengan penuh penghayatan tau? Gituuuh!

As Sarah ran at full speed, the hot wind brushed her sunken and scrawny cheeks and playfully messed up her hair.  Her eyes narrowed at the wind and from the corner of her eyes, she could see weird trees, blazing fire and people passing by at a blinding speed. Escaping from this horrible place were non-stop missions. There were no other ways to escape. Every inch of this place was surrounded by thousands of guardians. They were strong, tough and rough.

It was a sorrowful day. Puff of black clouds lazed about in the vast red sky while hawks could be heard screeching from a distance. She shifted her eyes towards the sky and yelled, “Get me out of here!” But, no one answered her. Two days in here felt like ten thousand years. She sighed wondering when she could get out.

‘Roaring-raging beast’ as the name of this place was bestowed by the Landlord. This place was held-down by seventy thousand chains and seventy thousand powerful guardians were holding each chain. They had no remorse and desensitized to all types of horror.

As she yelled begging for mercy to the sky, she felt the presence of another being, something furious and ominous. Out of a sudden, one of the guardians shouted at her, deafening the entire place. Her body trembled with shock. He stared at her. His eyes were full of rage. Without hesitation, he pulled her hair and dragged her mercilessly along the hot tarred ground. It was very painful, prickling her face and body like thousands of hot and sharp needles against her skin. She asked herself, “Am I going to the same place, again?”

The smell of freshly roasted flesh lingered in the air and she caught a whiff of melted copper coming from a huge cauldron. The cauldron huffed and puffed, drawing rings of black smoke.  Blood, flesh, lifeless body were everywhere. Many people were lying in the pool of blood. Screaming, shouting, crying, begging and cursing conquered the entire place. Silence would never step in here. Those sounds filled her with dread.

“Take this! This will be your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner!” yelled the guardian to her with rough voice and pushed her. Again, unappetizing and horrible fruit. The  fruit came from The Cursed Tree; thorny plant with a bitter taste, vile smell and like a head of a devil. That was the only food existed here. Nothing else. The guardian vigorously forced her to eat the fruit until her stomach full. If not, severe pain would face her. Once she swallowed the fruit, she could feel scalding and bitter juice flowing through her organs and blistering her whole body. She cried and screamed begging to stop this torment. But, it was hopeless.

“I am thirsty. Please give some water. A drop of water is enough”, she begged from every guardian there. Unfortunately, the familiar staring, full of rage met her eyes again. She was completely shocked by his staring. “Drink that water!” he shouted while pointing his finger towards a river; flowing yellowish-white fluid. She quickened her pace towards the river bank, however, she was greeted by foul smell, like vomit. It was a river full of yellowish-white fluid thick and sticky. Her face portrayed despairing but gathering all her courage, she drank the fluid.

One day passed. She met the leader of all the guardians and asked him to end her life, but it was worthless. He simply said, “Did any Warner come to you? Now, stay here, forever!” She became confused, “What was wrong with me? Why didn’t they kill me right away? I couldn’t take this anymore. And what did he actually mean by Warner?” These questions kept haunting her mind.

The thoughts kept coming. She had a big decision to make that would change her life forever. Once she made it, there would be no turning back. She really wanted to get rid of all these pain. The last resort was to meet the owner of this entire place, the Landlord, at the hill. The path up the hill was pretty steep. She ran up as fast as her weak legs could carry her and ended up panting heavily as she reached the top. She met the Landlord and asked to stop torturing her and to end her life, right away. However, the Landlord said, “You had been misguided by the devils and they had let astray many of you? Could you not realize it? Could you not understand this? As I promised to you, this is the place, the Hell Fire! Stay here forever and don’t talk to me, forever!”

Her vision was blurred with watery fluid. With her face buried into her palms, she cried and her lips were sealed.

p/s: Semester ini aku ambil subject Poetry, so ni salah satu hasil kerjaku.

Bersama PEERS Family CFS IIUM

Iqbal Rosly

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